About Dr. Ming Xia (夏明博士)

MINGXIAsmallMing Xia is a Professor of Political Science at the Graduate Center and the College of Staten Island, the City University of New York. He holds a bachelor’s and a master’s degree from Fudan University, China, and a Ph.D. degree from Temple University, USA.


He once taught at Fudan University (1988-1991) and served as a residential research fellow at the Sigur Center for Asian Studies at the George Washington University (2003) and the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars (2004). He worked as a visiting research fellow  and a senior visiting research fellow in 2004 and 2011 respectively at the East Asian Institute, the National University of Singapore. He also works as a visiting senior research fellow at the Asian Research Institute, the National University of Singapore in 2012 (from May to August). He was also a visiting professor of the School of International Relations and Public Affairs, Fudan University; guest research fellow at the Center for Elections and People's Congress System at Fudan University and guest professor at Jishou University (Hunan, China).  


He was the recipient of the Bernard Watson Best Dissertation Award from Temple University (1997) and the recipient of the Dolphin Award for Outstanding Scholarly Achievement from the College of Staten Island (2003). He has also been selected into "Montclair Who's Who in Collegiate Faculty", "The Marquis Who's Who in America" (63rd edition, 2009 and 2010) and "The Marquis Who's Who in the World" (2009-2010).


Ming Xia is the author of The Dual Developmental State: Development Strategy and Institutional Arrangements for China’s Transition (Ashgate 2000) and The People’s Congresses and Governance in China: Toward a Network Mode of Governancel (Routledge, 2008). He is the co-editor of two special issues for The Chinese Law and Government on “The Battle Between the Chinese Government and the Falun Gong” (Sept.-Oct. 1999) and “The Falun Gong: Qigong, Code of Ethics, and Religion” (Nov.-Dec. 1999) from M.E. Sharpe, Inc.


With Dr. CHEN Kuide, he co-edited the Chinese book, The Crown of Thorn: Liu Xiaobo and the Nobel Peace Prize  (Hong Kong: Morning Bell Publisher, November 2010). In 2012, he has his Chinese book, Political Venus: From Nothing Under My Name to Chinese Democracy  published by Morning Bell Publisher in Hong Kong.


He is also a contributor to the following books: Cao Peiling, ed., Comparative Government (Fudan University Press 1993, Chinese), Philip Norton and Nizam Ahmed, eds., Parliaments in Asia (Frank Cass 1999), Chung-Si Ahn, ed., New Development in Local Democracy and Democratization in East Asia (Seoul National University Press 2005), Su Shaozhi, et al, Hu Yaobang in the Heart of  People [Renmin xinzhong de Hu Yaobang] (Mirror Books 2006, Chinese), Siu-Keung Cheung, et al, Marginalization in China:Recasting Minority Politics (Palgrave MacMillan 2009), Wang Jianwei, ed., Theories of International Relations (Guoji guanxi xue) (Beijing: Renmin University Press, 2010), Yang Jianli and Han Lianchao, ed., Saffron Flames: The Voice of the Tibetans (2012) and Wang Gungwu and Zheng Yongnian, ed., China: Development and Governance (2013).


Dr. Xia is a special contributor to iSun Affairs weekly based in Hong Kong. He maintains a monthly column for the electronic journal China in Perspective (Zonglan Zhongguo) and writes for the BBC World Service Chinese Branch. Since May 2013, he has maintained a column for The World Journal (Shijie Ribao), the largest Chinese newspaper in the U.S. He is also the Associate Editor for the quarterly Chinese journal, The Journal of Modern China Studies (Dangdai Zhongguo Yanjiu).


Consecutively from 2009 to 2013, he has been chosen as one of the Top 100 Chinese Public Intellectuals. ( "Top 100 Chinese Public Intellectuals of 2009"  ,  "Top 100 Chinese Public Intellectuals of 2011"  and "Top 100 Chinese Public Intellectuals of 2012"  by The Boxun News Agency  based in U.S. and "Top 100 Chinese Public Intellectuals of 2010" and "Top 100 Chinese Public Intellectuals of 2013" by The Zhengyou Jingzuo Research Group based in China.)


He is one of the producers (with Jon Alpert, Matthew O'Neil, Peter Kwong and Michelle Mi) of a HBO documentary movie and an Oscar-nominee, "China's Unnatural Disaster, The Tears of Sichuan Province" (2009) on the Wenchuan (Sichuan) earthquake in 2008. Now he is working on a book manuscript, entitled "China at the Epicenter: Calamity, Protest, and Crisis Management" as well as a project on the organized crime and criminal underworld in China.




Dr. Ming Xia

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